Margin Planning for Retail on SAC – Prepackaged Solution

SimpleFi Solutions offers the below pre-packaged solution to get you started with Margin Planning for Retail on SAC – Prepackaged Solution . We offer both quick start programs and small-to-medium pre-packaged managed implementations. Reach out to [email protected] for more information.


Solution Goals:

  • Facilitate the planning process flow among departments using SAC launchpads
  • Provide an integrated Sales and Margin Planning environment for Merchandising, Store Operations, Marketing and Finance
  • Provide the ability to collaborate on decisions and easily create forecast scenarios that can be shared across departments
  • Provides automated calculations for new vs. comp store reporting using store operations and closure dates
  • Financial reporting and publication
  • Project Metrics (typical):
    • Reduce efforts by 30%
  • Industries – Retail

Business Problem:

  • Disconnected Sales and Margin Planning between functional areas like merchandising, store operations, etc.
  • Difficulty planning and allocating to a daily view
  • Manual process to calculate for new vs. comp store financials

SimpleFi Accelerator Includes:

  • Target setting template
    • Merchandising plan template
      • Product focused
      • Plan by fiscal period or week
      • Units plan
      • Average Unit. Retail
      • Average Unit Cost
      • Automated Sales Calculation
      • Built Inverse functionality to plan Margin by $ or GM %
    • Store Operations template
      • Store focused Sales and Units by Day
      • Planning for new store based on comparative store results
    • Marketing / Promotions template
    • Financial Reports
      • Automated Comp Store calculation
      • Pre-Built Report Formats

Solutions Perquisites

  • SAP Analytics Cloud Planning Licenses
  • Data, Connections
  • HANA connector / install to broker connection between systems

What’s Included

  • Model, Calculations, Templates
  • Sample Data Set

How do you deploy the solution?

  • Consulting Services
  • Deployment, Training
  • Infrastructure, Managed projects (Design, Delivery, Deployment), standard training and enablement
  • Customizations
  • Dimension / Templates – adjust per your structures
  • Process – adjust to your business requirements