SAP Analytics Cloud – Prepackaged Solution CapEx Planning

SimpleFi Solutions offers the below pre-packaged solution to get you started with CapEx Planning. We offer both quick start programs and small-to-medium pre-packaged managed implementations. Reach out to for more information.


Business Problem and Proposed Solution

  • Manual (Excel based) reporting for CapEx Planning including:
    • Capital Project origination and approval
    • Cash projections
    • Depreciation calcs for forecasts and plans
    • Variance commentary
  • Project version control confusion
  • Hard to collect and explain variance commentary
  • Inflexible and prone to error (broken links, broken formulas)
  • Solve With: SimpleFi’s prepackaged solution for CapEx Planning
    • Eliminate overhead, Drive accountability and improve transparency

Solution Goals – CapEx Planning

  • Streamline capture and analysis of proposed CapEx projects
  • Perform analysis on cash needs and P&L impact of new projects
  • Push the results of approved CapEx spending and related expenses to your current consolidated forecast and planning processes
  • Provide print ready, drillable comparison reports for both executive reporting, cash availability insights, and business unit analytics
  • Ability to drill to detail – i.e., asset class, asset, project
  • Collect project commentary automatically
  • Project Metrics (typical):
    • Reduce efforts by 60% to track, analyze, and forecast CapEx (Excel)
    • Instant insight into drivers of Capital Spend to ensure alignment with company strategy
  • Industries: Mfg, Distribution, Wholesale, Retail, etc.

CapEx Planning accelerator includes the following assets

  • Standard templates for your planning process including: project planning, asset / depreciation planning, working capital planning, and work flow management
  • Packaged script calculations
    • Depreciation projections
    • Residual Book Value
    • Variance calculation
  • Data Action to trigger calculation
  • Reporting
    • CapEx by Asset Class
    • CapEx by Project
    • Variance Analysis
  • Planning process flow
  • Discounted Cash Flow