Planning and Consolidations Modernization

SimpleFi Solutions offers the below pre-packaged solution to get you started with Planning and Consolidations Modernization. We offer both quick start programs and small-to-medium pre-packaged managed implementations. Reach out to [email protected] for more information.


Business Problem and Proposed Solution:

  • SAP Business Planning and Consolidations versions 10.0 and 10.1 are reaching end of maintenance
    • Mainstream SAP Support for BPC MS: v 10.1 – 12/31 2022 ; v 10.0 – 12/31 2020
    • Mainstream SAP Support for BPC NW: v 11.1 – 12/31/2024; v 10.1 – 12/31 2024; v 10.0 – 12/31 2020
  • Older versions of BPC software have now become outdated and not meeting expectations
  • Inflexible legacy planning and reporting processes have not adapted to business needs
  • Centralized (CPM) planning and analytics solutions do not engage with all the key stakeholders; leaving Finance as a data collector instead of analyzer and value provider
  • Excel based interface can be clunky and lack controls
  • On premise solution does not align with company cloud objectives
  • Solve With: SimpleFi’s Planning and Consolidations Modernization Program; including evaluation of
    • SAP Analytics Cloud, Business Planning and Consolidations 11 for BW4/HANA, Group Reporting
    • Quickly identify key areas to drive value; what can be leveraged from existing investment
  • Performance issues or performance bottlenecks impacting value to the users and organization

Solutions Goals:

  • Modernize SAP Planning and Consolidations platform utilizing SimpleFi’s standard conversion program
  • Planning and Analytics
    • Extend or replace planning and analytics functions with robust, modern functionality available in SAP Analytics Cloud
    • Implement a flexible planning and reporting solution that can extend to the business
    • One tool for all analytics, predictive and planning across SAP
    • Improved performance on the HANA platform; Includes real time reporting capabilities on SAP
  • Consolidations
    • Standard evaluation process to help you find the right tool; cliff notes are below
      • SAP Analytics Cloud = this can be your management consolidations, enterprise planning and analytics reporting tool; regardless of where legal entity consolidations is performed
      • SAP BPC 11  = complex consolidations engine and ETL tool for companies without SAP S4/HANA or an SAP first strategy (can be on premise or platform as a service)
      • SAP Group Reporting = complex legal consolidations and real time close on SAP S4/HANA

Conversion Options and Evaluation Cheat Sheet

Check out the below cheat sheet for customers migrating from older versions of the SAP BPC solution.


1.Upgrade to BPC MS 10.1 – some limited web reporting enhancements but main benefit is extended maintenance through 2022 $
2.Migrate to BPC NW v 11.1 – additional up-front costs.  But take advantage of performance enhancements on SAP HANA platform, SAP analytics Cloud integration and web enhancements.  This option requires a cloud deployment though if you are not an SAP shop.  Extends maintenance through end of 2024 at least $$$$
3.Implement SAP Analytics Cloud – for planning, analytics and management consolidations $$$$


Consulting Cost License/
1.Upgrade to BPC NW 10.1 – some web reporting enhancements versus 10.0; support through 2024; BW 7.4 or BW 7.5, HANA or other database $
2.Upgrade to BPC 11 – take advantage of performance enhancements on SAP HANA platform, SAP analytics Cloud integration and web enhancements; requires BW4HANA $$
3.Implement SAP Analytics Cloud – for planning, analytics and management consolidations $$$$
4.Implement Group Reporting – for S4 HANA customers requiring more complex, real time legal consolidations $$$$

SAP Cloud License Conversion Program for SAP Analytics Cloud

What is it?

  1. SAP License credit that applies to on-premise maintenance fees towards SAP Analytics Cloud (or another SAP cloud subscription) license purchase
  2. On premise maintenance could include SAP BPC, SAP BOBJ
  3. Will not apply to SAP BPC hosted on the cloud
  4. Available for your next contract renewal period

How do I take advantage of this program?

  1. Reach out to SimpleFi or talk to your SAP account executive

Or watch the below webinar recording for more information.