Predictive modeling takes into account different values, trends, cycles and / or fluctuations in your data to make predictions and forecasts. We are experienced with SAP Predictive forecasting using SAPAnalytics Cloud and SAP Predictive Factory.


Predictive forecasting helps you understand past data trends to predict any metric in the future. The predictive algorithm classifies existing information, identifies outliers, and surfaces relationships within your data to help you see and understand your business’ key influencers.

  • Leverage predictions is a starting point or as a real time driver for more accurate forecasts
  • Very quickly analyze BIG Data and model results – starting point for many organizations is CRM, historical customer & product data or cost/ price modeling
  • Ease of use – non-technical user can leverage pre-defined algorithms to identify drivers in the data using SAP tools
  • LOW IT dependency; Does not necessarily require any significant set-up