SAP Analytics Cloud (Analytic)


SAP Analytics Cloud is SAP’s 100% SAAS (Software As A Service) solution.  It has been built from the ground up on their powerful HANA database.  The solution focuses on three pillars:

Analytics – including powerful visualizations, self service analytics for business users, tailored development tools for hardcore BI enthusiasts, and built in modeling capabilities for SAP data and non-SAP data alike.  Everything you build is mobile ready, touch responsive, and compatible to SAP’s digital boardroom solution. 


Predictive – Advanced analytics + Automated Analytics (Smart Insights, Smart Discoveries, and prebuilt algorithms)


Planning – Operational and Financial planning for Sales / Pipeline, Expenses, Profitability, etc


All these capabilities are within one tool.  That means your sales structures, organization structures, and data are all managed on one analytics environment that is also your strategic tool for financial planning and analysis.

For SAP customers, SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) also comes with plug ins and standard business content for common data sources like S4 ABAP CDS, BW queries, BPC, native HANA.  For non-SAP sources, SAC can plug into any structured data source such as SQL data warehouses.

Wondering where you can start with Analytics Cloud?  Want real time analytics on S4, native HANA, BPC or BW?  Want to extend your planning capabilities beyond finance?  Contact SimpleFi for more information on our two week quick start program or visit our YouTube Channel.  You can find more information about our program as well as many helpful demos.