Pre-packaged Solutions Overview

  • Leverage SimpleFi’s pre-packaged content for planning and analytics to accelerate your project deployment and time to value
  • SimpleFi pre-packaged content can be deployed in weeks including enablement and training or included with a managed project (services SOW) implementation
  • Includes planning models with acquired data, real time analytics capabilities, consolidated reporting, and machine learning capabilities
  • Combining together the content allows you to report on consolidated financials and detailed operational data from one interface, with one tool
  • With SAP Analytics Cloud you can utilize one platform for planning, analytics and consolidations (with shared metadata from BPC or Group Reporting) and deploy any of our pre-packaged content

SimpleFi Solutions offers pre-packaged SAP Planning, Analytics, and Reporting packages to help your company see quick time to value with your SAP investment. We offer both quick start programs which deploy in weeks and small-to-medium pre-packaged managed implementations. Reach out to to discuss options.

Click on the left pane for Solution details and components, or read further below for a quick overview of each solution and see how they come together.

1) Financial Reporting and Analysis

A) Performance Reporting and Variance Analysis

  • Bridge Analysis for Operating Income, Gross Profit
  • Constant Currency
  • Price, volume, mix calculations (PVM)

B) Financial Reporting Packages

  • Standard Financial Statements for publishing
  • Standard Comparative, Trended, Consolidating report books

2) Sales & Margin Planning

  • Plan Sales, Revenue
  • Flexible planning at ANY level of detail

A) Flexible Sales Volume Planning (Units)

  • Order Entry – Set local targets; Plan Sales (Units) by month and ANY level of detail selected

B) Revenue, Cost Planning

  • Plan Gross Price and Gross to Net Price items
  • Dollarize your plan (Calculate Gross, Net Sales, COS)

3) Salesforce Analytics and Quota Planning

A) Quote Planning and maintenance

B) Sales Performance Analytics


4) P&L and Expense planning

A) P&L Planning – by Company code, Profit Center, etc


B) Expense Planning – by department or cost center


5) Capital Planning

A) Working Capital plan


B) Project Planning


C) CapEx Planning; Automated calculations including depreciation


D) Analytics and reporting


6) HR Planning

A) Workforce modeling and driver input


B) Employee planning including new hires, transfers, promotions, terms, etc


C) HR Analytics


SAP Analytics Cloud – Quick Start Program

SimpleFi – SAP Analytics Cloud Quick Start – Includes

  • Install HANA connectors; configure both acquisition (1) and real time (1) data connections from SAP source or File Service
  • Creation of (1) example model from source provided
  • Creation of one example Dashboard or Planning enable Story (with up to 2 tabs)
  • Knowledge transfer
    • Document connection set up, process to create model and dashboard / template
    • Deliver standard SAP Analytics Cloud end user guide
    • Up to 2 days of hands on training for administrators or power users

SimpleFi Case Study:
Planning and Reporting on SAP S/4 HANA


Download case study here (pdf, 252kb)