Professional Services Planning for SAP Analytics Cloud

Professional Services Planning for SAP Analytics Cloud

Wednesday, February 17th 2021

Join our webinar on Wednesday, February 17th at 10am CST to see SimpleFi’s prepackaged content for Professional Services planning in action. The solution includes the ability to plan:

  • Staffing requirements and forecasted financials in one solution
  • Billing revenue and costing drivers such as hours and rates by client partner, resource, project, client
  • Project resource allocation by client, project, and client partner

In addition, the solution includes the following standard analytics and reporting:

  • Resource utilization and capacity
  • Profitability analytics by client partner
  • Actual versus forecast revenue

Relevant Industries: Technology, Professional Services

Below are the common business problems the solution was built to address:

  • Manual, labor intensive forecasting processes for professional services
  • Difficulty tracking profitability by client partner, project and resource
  • Difficulty translating staffing forecast into financial forecast
  • Inability or difficulty tracking / forecasting available hours and resource utilization
  • Manual calculations for billed hours, service revenue, utilization, etc
  • Lack ability to create and compare multiple forecast scenarios / scenario analysis
  • Reports take a long time to generate
  • Inflexible and prone to error (broken links, broken formulas, lots of arguing over numbers)

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Jon Essig
Managing Partner
SimpleFi Solutions LLC

Wednesday, February 17th 
10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. CST